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You've seen the rest, now check out the best random band name generator on the Internet.

Written and conceived by Brian Sorrell and Victoria Koszowski, with guidance and excessive patience by Tanya Rathbun.

It was August 2004. We needed to give a facelift. We needed to do something to amuse ourselves. We needed desperately to learn about randomness. You're looking at the results. The world's greatest random band name generator.

The story is, we first started generating random titles for the menu on the main site. We went overboard. Some of the results just weren't funny. So we did a complete overhaul of the adjectives and nouns and tested extensively. If we laughed, it stayed.

Still, there was clearly more to be done. We needed an idea that was funnier than just the band name. What if we generated a whole poster? With the band name, with a show location, with a featured player, random graphics, prices, tag lines.... And so theFabulousPosterGenerator was born.

The possiblities are now almost endless. There are over a hundred each of the adjectives and nouns that make up the band name. So you've already got 10,000+ possibilities. There are about 20 images. 200,000. At least a hundred first names and a hundred last names. 20,000,000+. See where this is going? The chances of getting the same poster twice are just about nil.

Here's to hoping that you enjoy our little project. If you would like to use it or link to it, please contact us at:

Band Name Generator Headquarters

We look forward to hearing from you. And not from your spam. (Don't worry, it won't get through and we're already up to our ears in herbal flaccidity cures....)

Addendum: We did the math. As of August 31, 2004, there are 23,608 band name combinations. Combine this with all the randomness on the poster and there are 1.86205 X 10^25 combinations. That's a lot.