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Simon Maslin

Simon Maslin is a bad poet, an average guitar player and a vocational cynic who writes about things which annoy him. As it happens, this generally turns out to be almost everything, so at least he is never short of inspiration.

Born in Surrey and educated at Cambridge University, he is as English as it gets and has never been closer to the U.S than the Canadian side of Niagara falls. By day he works in a job which involves pressing computer keys and looking perpetually confused; by night he consumes literature like it's going out of fashion and refuses to talk to real people in case they remind him that he's not rich and successful.

He has written a novel ("Apathy and the Dodo"), a collection of short fiction ("Tales From the Junk Culture Age") and a collection of Poetry ("Letters from the 07:21") all of which are available through online publisher, or his website

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