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is a        
Don't you get it?

How much clearer can it be. Non-Renewable means that when it's gone, we cannot get it back. It is gone forever.

Completely gone means there will never be any more.

We cannot
get it back.   We cannot
make more.    

We cannot create
energy from nothing.   

We cannot create more
there is
no more    

This is a call for revolution. Mass media complains that Bush has passed laws allowing more drilling on federal lands. They complain that Bush set up an office at the White House to field complaints from oil companies — complaints about the BLM's pace in issuing drilling permits. These are true things, and certainly bad things.

The so-called liberal media can complain in writing and in pictures and in words and nothing will change. They are complaints without a call for positive action.

The neo-conservatives can complain about the liberal-media. They will war back and forth with one another for all time. No one will win. For in the end, both sides push corporate interests — most importantly, energy and oil.

Neither will ever address the need for revolution.

Both of the popular sides keep asking from where will we get our energy. There are popular conservative answers and there are popular liberal answers and there are answers everywhere in between. But no one asks the revolutionary question:

How can we
stop using
so much

Bush gave SUV purchasers a tax cut. Now we have more SUVs on the road. The new houses we build all have vaulted ceilings and air conditioning. Stop and recognize how much it takes to heat and cool so much wasted space. We build new houses miles and miles away from services and jobs and schools and markets. So we drive miles and miles to do the most basic of things. And we drive in tax-benefitted SUVs.

Stop believing that you are owed these things. You are not. The simple fact is that energy resources will absolutely run out if we continue to use at the pace we use. Rejection of media-sold perceptions, of Hollywood's fabricated lifestyle, of addictive consumption: these are the roots of revolution.

will run out.

Entitlement Egoism is a position claiming that one is owed what is in one's own interests. SUV owners griping about fuel costs, 4000 square foot homeowners who complain about the cost of heating and cooling dead space, single occupant drivers who complain about traffic, 'burb dwellers who complain about road noise, who complain about driving 50 miles on congested freeways to work, who complain about the cost of supermarket food shipped in plastic containers over thousands of miles and covered in pesticides — these are the entitlement egoists.

Entitlement Egoism is a bankrupt moral position. It fails to recognize the world beyond the individual and fails to take responsibility for individual and collective action. It fails to recognize the impending necessity of revolution.

This is a revolution. Now is the time to live responsibly.

Change your life.