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A Few Words

The Party Bingo Satire

What is it that's so awesome about Party Bingo? I'm talking here, not some other half-cocked, second-rate, bush-league dot biz site. This is the full on dot com, baby. BINGO all the way!

Would a dot biz Party Bingo site have 24/7 support? I mean, they're so committed to your online gaming pleasure that you can call and kvetch to them at any hour of any day. Christmas Day? Why not. Call 'em. They're open.

BINGO never sleeps. is the never sleeping bingo site of bingo sites.

You think you like bingo in real life? Have you tried it in UN-real life? Have you? HAVE YOU??!! Play during commercial breaks. Play it while eating the last of the world's Twinkies. Play naked. Have naked bingo parties. It's in the name baby. PARTY. BINGO.

When you think bingo, what do you think first? Blue-hairs in wheelchairs desperate for entertainment? No way, man. That's yesterday's bingo. Today's bingo is SEXY BINGO! It's binge bingo. It's so much bingo, so much party, you can't keep up. Can you keep up? Can you bingo like we go? It's not your grandma's bingo.

Oh, you haven't been to the party yet? The bingo party? You don't need to pick out a perfect little black dress. You don't need to shine your to-the-knee boots. Pick out your favorite nylons, those fishnets that didn't get torn last time out to bingo. Stay home. Relax. Shave. Play bingo online. It's seductive. It's terrific. You can make out while you play bingo. With whom? Anyone. Everyone. Gather your best friends and a fifth of whiskey and take down some bingo time. It's bingo time. When is bingo time? It's always bingo time.

24/7 bingo. The bingo party never stops. Never falls down. It's bingo. Bingo. You'll be singing it all night long, whispering it seductively into prank phone calls to your local priest. Get on the bingo Father. Get on the bingo.

Welcome to the party. Welcome to

February, 2013