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Kevin Trudeau's
Natural Cures "They"
Don't Want You To Know About

Causes Cancer!

Kevin Trudeau, author of "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About", finds himself in a sticky spot — studies have now shown that his book causes cancer.

I'm not writing this as an opponent to his widely researched and impeccably argued case for purchasing his high-end calcium supplements, and against the scourge of microwave ovens, sunscreen, non-white clothing and deodorant. Rather, I want to bring some information to the public's attention:

The National Bookpaper Research Board, under the leadership of Dr. Victoria Koszowski, has completed a series of tests on books published after July 1, 2005 by Alliance Publishing. Those tests have shown that the paper on which the books are printed causes cancer.

The causal chain is subtle, but irrefutable. It turns out that the ink used by Alliance Publishing is manufactured in a factory in Burundi, whose rainy season is from February to May. Combine this with the indisputable fact that Burundi's second most plentiful resource is uranium, and you're looking at the start of some serious problems.

The April rains in 2005 were extraordinarily severe and washed loose sediment and deposits into Lake Tanganyika, the lowest elevation in the country. Burundi has been having erosion problems for years. The ink factory, Burn-Ink Incorporated, is located on the banks of the lake and water from the lake is used to both clean and lubricate their equipment.

Soil and sediment tests from the lake show that the heavy April rains washed extra uranium into the lake. Subsequently, Burn-Ink's manufacturing equipment became tainted by the highly radioactive material. All ink produced during and after the rainy season has been recalled.

However, the bulk of the copies of Trudeau's new book were printed before the soil sample results were released. His book was printed with uranium tainted ink.

The problems for Trudeau do not stop here. The National Bookpaper Research Board studied the reaction of the uranium with the acids in the paper used by Alliance Publishing. The paper, manufactured in a small plant outside of Cairo, is imbued with a rare acid called "Neobisulonic Acid", which is only found in very arid desert areas. (Interesting side note: Neobisulonic Acid is largely to blame for the deterioration of the nose of the sphinx.)

When trace uranium comes into contact with neobisulonic acid, there is no reaction. However, when the photons from incandescent light hit the mixture, a colorless, odorless, highly carcinogenic gas is released. A slightly more toxic and more odorless form of the gas is released when solar photons react with the deadly paper and ink. Much like the case of the deterioration of the sphinx nose, the gas has natural properties that cause it to drift toward nose-shaped objects.

This raises grave concerns for readers of "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About", especially those who read under incandescent light and more so those who read in sunlight. These readers are actually putting themselves at serious risk of a large number of cancers, especially nose cancer — called "nocular oncologitis" in the medical industry.

Ironically, the FTC knows about this chemical reaction and has known about it for a long time. It has been shown by competent investigative journalists around the world — I've talked to thousands myself — that the FTC planted stooges at Alliance Publishing just to make sure that Mr. Trudeau's book was printed under these conditions. The FTC specially crafted their 2003 case against Trudeau so that he would be forced to publish a book, thus giving his unknowing readers cancer.

Anyone who has come into contact with this book should have a cancer screening immediately — or at the very least, use litmus paper to determine the pH of your saliva, and do whatever you must to make it more alkaline. Further studies suggest that using watch batteries as lozenges might be an effective cure.

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