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Adventures In Satire

The Party Bingo Satire

It's not your ordinary satire. Nor your ordinary BINGO!!

An Analysis of the Futile-Making Features of Human Actions

Many a noble topic has been adroitly addressed by many a capable thinker in the history of philosophy. Yet perhaps the boldest tragedy of them all is the absence of arguments either for or against the most obvious topic to bear relevance on the discipline: futility. The concept of futility, properly addressed and analyzed, might be that concept which holds the key to a wide range of philosophical puzzles. Futility, as such, deserves our full attention.

Marriage Ban To Strengthen Family Values

A new study, published by The Center for Healthy Engagement And Togetherness, shows that marriage is the leading cause of divorce. Arguing that marriage is the source of the breakdown of the modern family, CHEAT is taking their case to Washington.

Special Action To Increase Responsible Education

In an unprecedented case settled in Los Angeles today, children under eighteen have been banned from the public library.

Kevin Trudeau's Book Causes Cancer!

Kevin Trudeau, author of "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About", finds himself in a sticky spot studies have now shown that his book causes cancer.

I Can Send Pictures From The Phone To The Toaster ...
(Or, how to spend a $6 Billion research budget)

I can't count how many mornings I've stood watching the auto-start, auto-grind, auto-sweetened, auto-drink, auto-clean-the-liver and wake-you-up-right-friggin-now coffee maker make my coffee and thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if the toaster could see what I see?"

The Great American Oil Spill ...

A long-standing policy of dumping and pressing asphalt on to the Earth's surface unquestionably counts as an oil spill. What makes the act all the more criminal is its deliberate nature — we have intentionally orchestrated a controlled dump, knowing the historically horrific impacts of chemical and oil spills.

How To Secure Windows Against Viruses And Hackers ...

Let's face it, locking down, hardening, securing Windows against viruses and hackers is no easy task. It can be costly in financial and temporal terms, and the frustration is sure to shave years off your life. It seems to me that users need some sure-fire ways to make their computing experience safer. I have put together this list of steps to make the Windows user's life easier and to alleviate some of the fears of having a computer connected to the Internet.

I Must Be Wealthy ...

The steel is my monolith. It is a shining slab. The sun glows on the sides of my steel and when it catches my eye, I smile. I smile at my steel because it is my steel. It is my wealth. It is my expression of my rights and my dreams.

The Intellectual Spoils of Revolution ...

There's really no point in giving movies a rating anymore. No one goes to see them anyway. What is it — too little banging for the buck when you can get the same at home? You can get the same sitting on the front porch on a Sunday afternoon