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Open Source

Setting Up mod_ntlm for Apache 2 With Tomcat And PHP

How Brazil Cannot Afford Microsoft ...

Brazil is fast becoming a front runner of Latin American digital technology. Their "Digital Inclusion Program" aims to expand that reputation. In an effort to inspire innovation, the Ministry of Science and Technology has set up programs to encourage software development for the government. At the same time this will afford broader access to information technology, because the program pushes the merits of free software — in this case, Linux.

The Linux Desktop: Test Drive or Paradigm Shift? ...

Linux does not lend itself to a "test-drive". Those who want to get a peek at the desktop or fiddle with a few new and free applications typically end up looking for the ways that Linux is like Windows. However, the shift to Linux is not simply a shift to an alternate, cheaper, stabler and more secure version of the Windows experience. A successful shift to Linux depends largely upon a paradigmatic change in our conceptions of how we interact with a computer. Furthermore, the Quixotic quest for the quintessential productivity environment depends on a digital desktop that closely mirrors users' physical desktop demands.


jps's RSS How-To ...

This short essay describes how you can syndicate content from any publicly accessible RSS feed onto your webpage. It will hopefully cover the technology required in as much detail as is non-specific: you may need to ask your systems administrator or, failing that, a mature adult for assistance.

Search Engines
and the Inadvertent Gentrification of the Internet ...

The days of democratic clicking, searching, reading and researching are over. Internet presence, via search engines, is owned and operated by media conglomerates, Fortune 500s and Blue Chip institutions. As more users plugged in, more corporations took over the ether-waves and unplugged users' voices.


Gadgets, Fashion, Freedom and Religion: Godgets

That should be the word, because that's what they are. New-fangled electronic devices are new-fangled Gods in agnostic hands. From the iPod to the Blackberry to the sleekest of the slickest cells, we no longer wear our faiths on our sleeves: we clip them to our belts in polytheistic, plastic holsters.

A Plea To Slow Down The Technology Band Wagon ...

We have gone completely out of control with respect to adopting more and newer technologies. Even when new technologies are labeled "tested", they are not yet "proven".

An Open Letter To Gadget Pushers ...

Dear Microsoft, HP, Dell, Palm, LG, Sony, Canon, and whomever else:

The Suburban Electric Window ...

The television is a window. It is an electric glass window through which suburban kids can see the things in far away Urbia. They can see crimes solved, vengeance taken, real people surviving on exotic islands. The television is a window through which they can observe the world outside of the manicured lanes and landscaped, orange-lined easements.

Satire/ Humor

I Can Send Pictures From The Phone To The Toaster ...
(Or, how to spend a $6 Billion research budget)

I can't count how many mornings I've stood watching the auto-start, auto-grind, auto-sweetened, auto-drink, auto-clean-the-liver and wake-you-up-right-friggin-now coffee maker make my coffee and thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if the toaster could see what I see?"

How To Secure Windows Against Viruses And Hackers ...

Let's face it, locking down, hardening, securing Windows against viruses and hackers is no easy task. It can be costly in financial and temporal terms, and the frustration is sure to shave years off your life. It seems to me that users need some sure-fire ways to make their computing experience safer. I have put together this list of steps to make the Windows user's life easier and to alleviate some of the fears of having a computer connected to the Internet.