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Tall Tall Buildings

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Tall Tall Buildings

by Jerry Vilhotti

There on a gooey surface of the Empire State Building high above the city, where he could see millions of lights dangling making bright darkness, as planes were hurling by him watching his animal-like moves intently, he began making love to his fifteen year old daughter, who was considered the biggest knockout in all of The Bronx whom he had gathered up with gun in hand out of an apartment near the Mount Carmel Church where she was holed up with a guy who would become a middleweight champion after his reform school stint, in this reoccurring dream as she bit his ear and neck with the wild abandonment of a person with the same kind of raw loin eating emotions as he. Her screaming overcame the drone of all the airplanes swooping around them. One plane tattooed with swastikas being flown by "The Lone Eagle," kept whizzing by shooting red hot bullets - the shape of little limp penises - at Tina whom the father covered with both of his strong arms while King Kong began to fall miles to his death in his last attempt to save humanity and bring back a dignity that was once felt before the Dark Ages came to conquer souls that would live for eternity in Dante's ninth circle of hell.

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